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2023 MINT COMPANY Team Placements

A reminder that our first round of studio team placements will be in Term 4 on Thursday 20th October. Students are also welcome to submit a video audition or attend our next round of studio auditions (in early 2023).

VIDEOS are available for the Stage Company (Jazz / Lyrical / Contemporary) and All Star Jazz / Lyrical / Pom auditions via the link below. There are two versions of each combination that we have filmed. The "SKILLS" version will be required for students wishing to audition for an All Star Jazz / Lyrical / Pom team (as this style of competition is more skill based). The short combo will be taught during the audition but students are welcome to start practicing at home now.

Audition groups will be:

• Petite Stage Company + All Star Mini Jazz / Lyrical / Pom

• Pre-Teen Stage Company + All Star Youth Jazz / Lyrical / Pom

• Teen Stage Company + All Star Junior Jazz / Lyrical / Pom

• Open Stage Company + All Star Senior & Open Jazz / Lyrical / Pom

The audition schedule will be released shortly. Hip Hop / Tap / Acro audition material will be taught on the day.

• Dropbox link to Stage Company & All Star Jazz / Lyrical / Pom videos:

• Google Form to nominate for 2023 Teams:

Please comment below if you have any questions!



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