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Mini Mints :

Our littlest Peppermint Superstars

Have you got a little dancer participating in the concert for the first time?

We have created a dedicated MINI overview for your first concert experience.

Our 💕Mini Mints 💕 Document can be found on the Concert Info page along with the Luminary Concert Guide and more.

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We have a parents meeting on the 20th of October for any questions you may have regarding the concert, backstage operations, security etc, after you have READ the massive (LUMINARY) Concert guide - which can be found on the CONCERT INFO page. On the same evening is our backstage team meeting, where we would love to see as many of you Mummas / Female carers, as possible, as we would love your help backstage for the show that you are not watching to help us with the approx 70 Mini Mints backstage.

Sue Limpus and Sarah Pallot are head Mummas of the Babies group (AKA MINI MINTS) and we will be in touch regarding concert communication backstage groups online.

Week 1 - Term 4 we are hoping to have all our Mini Mints Costumes ready to size (Jazz costumes should have arrived, but we are still working on an ETA for Ballet and Hip Hop). This is where you try on their size costume, record the size on the class list and sign your approval of the size. Please also ensure you have paid your deposits before sizing.

Very exciting times for our MINI MINTS and parents!


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Welcome to the Concert Group for 2022! Concert deposits are...


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