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Email going out in the morning :)

Hi Guys! Its the exciting stage run this SUNDAY!

PLEASEEEEE ensure you attend all your classes leading up to concert (unless you are sick / away for nationals etc)

Sedecim dancers - important update below this section!

As per every rehearsal I have created a Stage Run Checklist for you all! —>>>

This should have everything you need to know for this weekend - if you do have any questions please let me know!

If this is your Childs FIRST TIME on the “BIG STAGE”, regardless of age, you are welcome to attend the STAGE EXPERIENCE at 2:15pm. Checklist for more info!

Sunday Times at a Glance :

Luminary // 1:45 Arrival // 2:15 Stage Experience // 3:10 First Half // 3:40 Second Half // 4:15 Finish

Sedecim // Please check our new run sheets for which stage run DATE your items are in. Mainly older Competition teams have changed. New New APPROX finish time 6:30pm. Run Sheet in link above and more info below. Nationals Stage Run (Routines impacted by athletes away) - 8th December


Around 60 of our dancers are representing Peppermint and WA at the AASCF Nationals this weekend…. Not only do we want to wish them all the best - we are so proud… but we also want to ensure they have a stage run as well.  I have decided to split the Sedecim Stage Run to allow the nationals teams to have a stage run on the 8th December. This change of date only really impacts just our Senior and Open Cohort. General classes (except for Open age) are not impacted by this change. An extra run date is not ideal for us financially, as we have pay another day of theatre hire plus allow extra organisational time / load out of the theatre which adds on an extra hour to our run times. After finally being able to sit down and calculate the routines and impact (as the number of dancers attending nationals grew significantly due to the Pinnacle bids they won), it was well over half the show impacted, so it had to be done - and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Can’t wait to finally see everyone on the ‘big stage’

Love N & The Peppermint Legends X


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