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🎞️ 🎥 Concert Videography 🎥 🎞️

We are very happy to inform everyone that our Luminary and Sedecim shows on ONE DATE will once again be professionally filmed - with some exciting news and big changes!

We have opted to move Peppermint to a more sustainable and cost effective option for our families!

Our Luminary and Sedecim concerts for one filming date are going DIGITAL!

This means that the costs are able to be reduced due to eliminating USB and packaging with far more options than ever before.

Last year, the USB cost was :

- $75 for both Prodigy and Vita Nova Show 1

- $40 for ONE SHOW on the first date.

By moving our studio to this new format, the cost has significantly reduced to only $25 per family which includes both LUMINARY and SEDECIM shows! We are waiting on confirmation of which show dates will be filmed (currently booked for 10th but have requested the 11th)

To be able to do this, we are required to licence and register each family which distributes the cost amongst our studio. This is an all in studio licence for both shows meaning all families must pay to activate and will receive a licence for both shows on the one date. There is just the one licensing option and there is no need to order, as the videography licence invoice will be sent to each family. Once the licences have been paid, login details will be sent.

Once the login details are sent, you will be able to stream or download from anywhere in the world and share it with family and friends who are unable to come to the performance with unlimited access - and there is still the ability to put the concert on USB or DVD!

Huge news at short notice as we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to save our families costs with new technology.

The $25 Family videography licence invoices will be sent out next week. We hope you are supportive regarding this exciting change which will save our families costs and we send our apologies for the late notice / cost. Next year this will be incorporated and notified earlier but was unavoidable this year.


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