Cheer Grading for 2019


Cheer Grading / Technique session in Preparation for 2019!


Want to join our cheerleading teams?  Already a part of our cheer program? 


To further our program within our industry and align with standards we are holding our first Cheer Grading with our coaches and guest industry leaders. 


20th Of October @ A Studios

11/1808 Albany Highway Kenwick


Parents are to attend an information session prior to the grading to ensure that our plans / structure is understood, and any questions can be answered. 


Tiny / Mini 
(Ages 3 - 8) 
9am Athletes Start with Parents meeting 9am.
10am Conclusion


Youth / Junior 
(Ages 7-14)  
10:30am Athletes start with parents meeting 10:30am
12:00pm Conclusion 


Senior / Open 
(Ages 14 +) 
12:30 Parents & Athletes meeting 
2:30pm Conclusion.